6 Best Tips for Weight Loss for Men Over 40

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Weight Loss for Men Over 40 can be a challenge. Even if you lower your food portions, you may still notice that your body weight increases or stays the same. Even worse, engaging in exercise can be challenging. In this article, we will cover some tips on how to lose weight as you hit the […]

8 Reasons Thailand is The Best Destination for Weight Loss

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If you’re not happy with your body size, you may feel stressed and ultimately lead an unfulfilling life. The good news is that you can lose that extra weight. Shedding off excess weight will not just make you look good and younger; the rest of your life depends on it. You can enhance your life […]

The Power Of Weight Loss For Men Thailand

Men from all over the world are discovering how they can transform their lives, lose huge amounts of weight and become new, different and better people by coming out to Weight Loss For Men Thailand Reason to Choose Weight Loss For Men Thailand Weight Loss Program for Men Weight Loss For Men Thailand isn’t just […]

How to Maintain Weight After Weight Loss

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You’ve figuratively moved mountains to lose weight, and now that you’ve achieved your goal, congratulation. Unfortunately, losing weight permanently is virtually impossible. Unless you maintain it, then you gain back the pounds you lost. Healthy weight equals healthier living as it promotes health benefits. You, therefore, need to know how to maintain weight after weight […]

How to Lose Weight While Travelling in Thailand

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Thailand is considered as one of South East Asia’s jewels, heavily endowed with beautiful beaches, thick rainforests and magnificent wildlife. This is one of those locations to visit that will give you deeper insights into the struggles of sustaining the past heritage with the beckoning of a booming economy. Thailand, otherwise known as the Land […]

What Do Skin Tags Indicate?


Skin tags can appear anywhere but are normally found on parts of the body where skin rubs against other skin or clothing.  They are not cancerous or dangerous and can be removed with a simple surgical procedure.  It is thought there is a genetic component behind whether you will develop them but there are also […]

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Achieve in 2020

As the new year approaches it’s tempting to say to yourself “Forget the past and look to the future!” but doing that is probably going to result in you just doing and repeating the same old behaviors. We are creatures of habit and these habits control us at a far deeper level than any of […]

Men Like Me: A Weight Loss Journey in Thailand

Weight Loss for Men in Thailand

It’s a well-established fact that men and women do behave differently when it comes to things like addressing personal health issues.  A Weight Loss Journey in Thailand Men’s Health vs Women’s Health Women tend to be more open about the problems they think they may have whereas men internalise things and try and just “suck […]