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Nothing can compare to coming to Thailand and doing the Weight Loss For Men Thailand Program. We understand though that this is not an option for everyone so we’ve created a consultation and coaching service to help men get started on their weight loss journey.

We know that getting started is the hardest part

It really can be a minefield of confusing information.

Get started with private Health & Weight Loss online consultation

A private consultation with Justin or Steve will dig deep to find out exactly what is the best way for YOU as an individual to get you started on your way to better health by giving you simple and easy to follow instructions over a 4-week period because if it’s not simple it won’t be sustainable.

Justin Footit and Steve Smith – respected and sought after weight loss professionals

With our decades of experience, knowledge and track record helping men from all around the world to transform their lives, a 4-week interactive video consultation package with us could change your life and possibly even save it.

Whether you need help getting started, maybe you just need good direction or a dose of motivation, maybe you want to hit the ground running before arriving on our program, a 4-week interactive video consultation package with us might be just what you need.

About Weightloss

What will you get in your 4-week consultation and weight loss package?

Note that a consultation is NOT a step-by-step program

We’re sure you’ve tried many step-by-step programs and failed because cookie cutter programs don’t work neither do weight loss apps run by algorithms.

Together we will have interactive one-on-one discussions

Interactive discussions are starting off with the initial consultation, digging deep to see what bad lifestyle and eating habits are causing you to gain weight. During the consultation, it will become evident to us which way forward will best suit you.

4 week health coaching success

Dunkan Morgan

I want to thank Justin for saving my life, I’m not joking SAVED MY LIFE. Unable to travel overseas due to work and family commitments and not to mention 2 years of covid restrictions here in Australia my weight my ballooned out to 155kg, I knew I was sick.

The Weight Loss For Men Thailand health consultation and coaching over a 4-week period was all I needed to get me started, with simple and easy to follow instruction I was able to lose 15kg over the 4 weeks and 4 months later I’m now down 56kg which takes me under 100kg, a weight I haven’t been since I was in my 20’s (I’m now 49 years old).

Having 3 teenage kids I’m now able to start being a role model not an embarrassment to them and with Justin’s help which is based around common sense, I’ve also stopped drinking and have a healthier approach to everything I do daily and I’ve even started doing Karate almost everyday something I stopped doing a long time ago which I love.

Lastly, If you’ve gone through the website and read and watched their testimonial reviews it’s evident that Weight Loss For Men Thailand really does help men in so many ways just like it’s helped me get my life back, do yourself a favour and get in touch with them right away!

4-week video consultation schedule

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Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

How much does it cost?

$499 USD for a 4-week interactive health and weight loss consultation package.

How to get the ball rolling?


Firstly, fill out the information form below to initiate interest.


We will then correspond back to you and set up a time for your initial FREE 30 minute consultation.


Once payment has been received, we will contact you and book in a time for you to start your first health and weight loss coaching session.

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