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Weight Loss For Men Thailand specializes in helping men from all over the USA who suffer from metabolic diseases caused by obesity. These conditions include diabetes, neuropathy, sleep apnea and a host of other weight gain issues that can be redirected by implementing realistic and straightforward lifestyle changes.

Weight Loss For Men Thailand cannot be compared to any other weight loss program or facility in the world because our record for improving men’s health and keeping the weight off long term is literally incomparable. But, what we can compare is THE PRICE.

Because we are located in beautiful Thailand, your dollar goes a long way. “Similar” or “comparable” programs in the US can be 5, 6 or even 7 times the price! It doesn’t make any sense at all to go anywhere else.

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Perfect Enviornment To Work On Getting Your Health Back On Track

If you are an overweight man who wants to lose weight, and you think taking fashionable new chemical treatments that have recently become available, here are some things you might want to consider.

As an overweight person, and especially an American overweight person, you are probably already on a variety of other medical treatments already. These will likely be blood pressure, cholesterol and/or diabetes solutions. Adding ANOTHER pharmacological treatment is not going to solve your problems. It is going to add to them. All of the chemical treatments associated with obesity (chemical compounds that keep you alive because you choose not to live healthy) can be discarded quite quickly once you decide to confront your REAL issues.

Pharmacological companies though, absolutely DO NOT want you to do this. To them, you are an ongoing revenue stream. You are to be treated, but the underlying problem will never be resolved. Genuinely resolving your health problems means NO MORE MONEY FOR THEM. Don’t ever forget that. All chemical treatments have side effects and more often than not, these side effects will be treated with… other artificial chemicals, and this new crop of weight loss treatments are absolutely NO DIFFERENT.

At Weight Loss For Men Thailand we address the real reasons men lose control of their health and weight and we show them how easy it truly is to live life properly. ONE month at Weight Loss For Men Thailand is about the same price as going on a two month regime of chemical weight loss treatments that you will be expected to STAY on for the rest of your life.

 Do you want a fake short life, or a real and genuine long life?

Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Keep it Off, DRUG FREE!

Disclaimer: The reviews below represent individual results, we offer no guarantee of specific results as they vary from person to person

  • star rating  Weight loss for men has been an amazing experience. Everything from the accommodation to the food and activities has been top notch. I have been to weight loss camps before... read more

    avatar thumb P5314PAgarys
    January 25, 2023

    star rating  Weight Loss For Men Thailand was a great experience. Justin and Will were very helpful and supportive. We did a lot of things as a group but their program is... read more

    avatar thumb johnhS7615FU
    January 15, 2023

    star rating  WL4M is an excellent platform to improve your health combined with weight loss. The program gives an insight on simple techniques which can be incorporated to your daily lifestyle which... read more

    avatar thumb Kish_deep
    January 2, 2023
  • star rating  Once I had booked on the WL4MT I was happy I had finally done something about my weight and health. I can’t begin to tell you what a fantastic... read more

    avatar thumb C4625HBalanf
    December 13, 2022

    star rating  4 week online coaching success.

    I want to thank Justin for saving my life, I'm not joking SAVED MY LIFE. Unable to travel overseas due to work and... read more

    avatar thumb B3636NAduncanm
    November 21, 2022

    star rating  WL4MT is a great program for those seriously interested in pursuing permanent improved health and weight loss. It teaches simple yet profound ideas on eating habits that in tandem... read more

    avatar thumb robhX1226ID
    November 17, 2022
  • star rating  I spent two months here and it was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my weight loss and fitness journey. If you’re ready to make a change, consider giving these... read more

    avatar thumb Bulkyboyo
    November 3, 2022

    star rating  WL4M thailand when I saw in internet was Skeptical, was planning to try other program , but decided to go with it and take a chance ,but I must say... read more

    October 19, 2022

    star rating  So this review is going to make this program sound too good to be true.
    But it is true and if you are reading this you need to be here.... read more

    October 6, 2022
  • star rating  Your location

    Weight Loss for Men Thailand

    211/1 moo 6. Namphrae, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai 50230

    Physical fitness program

    Friendly G

    70 points

     ... read more

    Friendly G
    October 4, 2022

    star rating  The Weight Loss For Men program is everything I hoped it would be, and more! I was looking for a program for someone like myself, in bad enough shape that... read more

    October 4, 2022

    star rating  WOW, what a program. I will start by stating....

    If you are reading this, and needing to change your life, GET YOURSELF HERE, you need to be here. ... read more

    September 26, 2022
  • star rating  Where do I start? In simple terms you can lose weight, eat well, enjoy exercise, walk with Elephants, interact with Snakes & Tigers and eat lunch at the top of... read more

    September 25, 2022

    star rating  I have always overweight and it has been almost 3 years that I came to know about Weight Loss for Men in Thailand (WL4M) and in contact with them. And... read more

    Zaw G
    September 18, 2022

    star rating  I'll be back is a famous phrase but I didn't think it applied to me after my last 4 weeks at Weight Loss for Men Thailand (WL4MT). But 3 months... read more

    David s
    September 9, 2022
  • star rating  Short version:
    If you’re a man and want to lose weight to drastically extend your life. If you want to improve your health. Stop right now and contact... read more

    August 24, 2022

    star rating  When I left my home I weighed 125 kilos and I am now in my final week and weigh 108 kilos, having lost 17 kilos and dropped 2 sizes in... read more

    August 20, 2022

    star rating  This is a follow up review after my 3rd trip to Weight Loss For Men Thailand over 6 years and the first time back since the Covid outbreak.

    It's... read more

    July 29, 2022
  • star rating  I am a registered nurse from the United States. Over the past several years, I've watched myself work too much, eat too much unhealthy food, exercise too little, and slowly... read more

    July 17, 2022

    star rating  I first found out about Weight Loss For Men Thailand (WL4MT) when I was on a weight loss retreat in the UK. I had initially intended to stay on the... read more

    June 14, 2022

    star rating  Sitting at home I had 3 things weighing heavily on my mind. Am I going to have a heart attack? How in the hell did I get into this state?... read more

    David s
    June 4, 2022
  • star rating  I was desperate to loose weight, been on many diets, lost, gain, and given up. Then 2022 came and I accidentally came across Weight-loss for Men, Thailand, whilst searching... read more

    May 28, 2022

    star rating  Coming to Weight Loss for Men Thailand was the best health decision I have ever made. Losing 31kg in 8 weeks sounds strenuous but it literally felt (and was) like... read more

    May 1, 2022

    star rating  I've tried boot camp style weight loss before and it didn't work, thankfully this is different.

    I lost 20kg over my 8 weeks here despite the occasional night out,... read more

    Pat F
    April 25, 2022
  • star rating  my journey at weightloss for men thailand has been a very positive thing for me . its took me out my comfort zone and taught me new methods that will... read more

    April 24, 2022

    star rating  My time at the weight loss for men program in Chiang Mai has changed my life for the better. Justin and Will educated me on better nutrition as well as... read more

    March 30, 2022

    star rating  To anyone out there thinking to lose weight for health I am 67 years old medical practitioner and with my friend (65 years old) we spend 3 weeks with Justin... read more

    Miroslav Š
    February 15, 2022

Do You Have Elevated Blood Sugar Levels?

Most people know how dangerous this. Did you know that by following  proper nutritional methodologies many of these problems can be reversed? We successfully help lots of men suffering from conditions such as Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Neuropathy and Sleep Apnea.

Men from all over the world have transformed their lives with Weight Loss For Men Thailand. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, we will change and improve your life if that is truly what you want.

At WEIGHT LOSS FOR MEN THAILAND there is no fancy dietary jargon or invasive bodily procedures or placebo supplements, tonics or short-term fluid loss. We are a 100% proven weight loss program for men who want LASTING change.

Weight Loss US

Our Accommodation and Facilities

Your accommodation is a new modern condo located at the base of the iconic Mount Doi Suthep. Onsite amenities include a 30 meter long infinity swimming pool, fully equipped gymnasium, steam rooms, library and top floor executive relaxation lounge.

The condo is situated close to temples and nature reserves and is only a short distance away from the centre of Chiang Mai while still being within walking distance to the forest that covers Mount Doi Suthep.

Not shared accommodation. Every client has his own private suite / apartment

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Note: Results are individual and varies based on a number of factors

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Everything is ALL INCLUSIVE with NO HIDDEN COSTS from the moment you arrive in Chiang Mai. Once you arrive in Chiang Mai, leave the artificialities of the Western World behind, and return a new, better, healthier and happier person. At WEIGHT LOSS FOR MEN THAILAND there is no fancy dietary jargon or invasive bodily procedures or placebo supplements, tonics or short-term fluid loss. We are a 100% proven weight loss program for men who want LASTING change.