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Weight Loss For Men Thailand specializes in helping men from all over the USA who suffer from metabolic diseases caused by obesity. These conditions include diabetes, neuropathy, sleep apnea and a host of other weight gain issues that can be redirected by implementing realistic and straightforward lifestyle changes.

Weight Loss For Men Thailand cannot be compared to any other weight loss program or facility in the world because our record for improving men’s health and keeping the weight off long term is literally incomparable. But, what we can compare is THE PRICE.

Because we are located in beautiful Thailand, your dollar goes a long way. “Similar” or “comparable” programs in the US can be 5, 6 or even 7 times the price! It doesn’t make any sense at all to go anywhere else.

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Perfect Enviornment To Work On Getting Your Health Back On Track

If you are an overweight man who wants to lose weight, and you think taking fashionable new chemical treatments that have recently become available, here are some things you might want to consider.

As an overweight person, and especially an American overweight person, you are probably already on a variety of other medical treatments already. These will likely be blood pressure, cholesterol and/or diabetes solutions. Adding ANOTHER pharmacological treatment is not going to solve your problems. It is going to add to them. All of the chemical treatments associated with obesity (chemical compounds that keep you alive because you choose not to live healthy) can be discarded quite quickly once you decide to confront your REAL issues.

Pharmacological companies though, absolutely DO NOT want you to do this. To them, you are an ongoing revenue stream. You are to be treated, but the underlying problem will never be resolved. Genuinely resolving your health problems means NO MORE MONEY FOR THEM. Don’t ever forget that. All chemical treatments have side effects and more often than not, these side effects will be treated with… other artificial chemicals, and this new crop of weight loss treatments are absolutely NO DIFFERENT.

At Weight Loss For Men Thailand we address the real reasons men lose control of their health and weight and we show them how easy it truly is to live life properly. ONE month at Weight Loss For Men Thailand is about the same price as going on a two month regime of chemical weight loss treatments that you will be expected to STAY on for the rest of your life.

 Do you want a fake short life, or a real and genuine long life?

Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Keep it Off, DRUG FREE!

Disclaimer: The reviews below represent individual results, we offer no guarantee of specific results as they vary from person to person

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Do You Have Elevated Blood Sugar Levels?

Most people know how dangerous this. Did you know that by following  proper nutritional methodologies many of these problems can be reversed? We successfully help lots of men suffering from conditions such as Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Neuropathy and Sleep Apnea.

Men from all over the world have transformed their lives with Weight Loss For Men Thailand. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, we will change and improve your life if that is truly what you want.

At WEIGHT LOSS FOR MEN THAILAND there is no fancy dietary jargon or invasive bodily procedures or placebo supplements, tonics or short-term fluid loss. We are a 100% proven weight loss program for men who want LASTING change.

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Our Accommodation and Facilities

Your accommodation is a new modern condo located at the base of the iconic Mount Doi Suthep. Onsite amenities include a 30 meter long infinity swimming pool, fully equipped gymnasium, steam rooms, library and top floor executive relaxation lounge.

The condo is situated close to temples and nature reserves and is only a short distance away from the centre of Chiang Mai while still being within walking distance to the forest that covers Mount Doi Suthep.

Not shared accommodation. Every client has his own private suite / apartment

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Note: Results are individual and varies based on a number of factors

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Everything is ALL INCLUSIVE with NO HIDDEN COSTS from the moment you arrive in Chiang Mai. Once you arrive in Chiang Mai, leave the artificialities of the Western World behind, and return a new, better, healthier and happier person. At WEIGHT LOSS FOR MEN THAILAND there is no fancy dietary jargon or invasive bodily procedures or placebo supplements, tonics or short-term fluid loss. We are a 100% proven weight loss program for men who want LASTING change.