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Respected And Sought After Weight Loss Professionals

Over the last decade Justin Footit and Steve Smith have become some of the most sought after life transformation specialists in the world. Initially working only within professional sports, their methods and results bought widespread acclaim. It was after increasing requests from private individuals for help that they officially created Weight Loss For Men Thailand.

Justin and Steve have been helping men from all walks of life to not only lose weight but also transform themselves into the men they always wanted to be.

Men From All Over The World

As a boxer, Justin competed at an elite level but more importantly, as a world renowned boxing trainer and coach, Justin has been living and breathing WEIGHT LOSS for over 25 years. During this time, he has mastered the art and science of dramatic weight loss while still maintaining the body’s ability to perform at optimum levels. This deep understanding of male physiology and psychology has made Justin Footit one of the undisputed masters of controlled, safe and healthy weight loss.

After a professional Rugby League career as a player in New Zealand and Fiji, Steve Smith went on to become an elite conditioning trainer in the Japanese entertainment industry where he worked with the biggest names in the business for 15 years.

Highly Personalized Program

With over 40 years combined in the elite sporting and fitness arena, their knowledge and experience have provided Weight Loss For Men Thailand with a strong deep foundation of practical knowledge in every facet of the physiological, biological and psychological aspects of physical weight loss, mental reorganization and overall life transformation.

Together with his experienced team at Weight Loss For Men Thailand, Justin welcomes you to a turning point in your life. The Most Effective Weight Loss Program On Earth, Guaranteed.