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Our Approach

The important thing to realize is that the focus needs to be on overall HEALTH. There is no “one size fits all” formula. Every one of us is different and what we do is work with you on a personal basis to find out what is going to achieve sustainable long lasting results.

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First things first. When you arrive in Chiang Mai we are there to pick you up at the airport. We will take you directly to your accommodation and get you settled in.

Most guys need to recuperate and get adjusted to the new time zone and once you’ve done that we’ll lead you through an induction, weigh you in and input your statistics into our health tracking app and then it is time to get started.

Under our supervision you will immediately begin to eat a simple clean nutritious diet. There is no junk food and no soft drinks. This sounds like it may be difficult to do. It is not. At a cellular level overweight people are under-nourished which is why they are constantly hungry. You can technically be starving if you are overweight. If you eat healthy nutritious clean food it actually takes willpower to overeat.

Consistant Gradual Improved Health

Your weight will come down in a constant and consistent direction each day as your health improves. You will learn about what to eat and what not to eat (and drink). The new way of healthy living will become quite normal as time passes.

Moving Into Better Health

As your health improves and your weight decreases, health complications as a result of being overweight obviously begin to diminish. Blood pressure, Type II Diabetes, sleep issues, joint pain and many other weight related problems dissipate. This middle period is where your new change of diet is beginning to become very embedded and natural and you are starting to understand how easy it will be to maintain as you move forward in life.

Exercise And Movement

As you drop weight you will become more physically able. Humans are designed to move and if we don’t, we die. But, you don’t need to perform as much movement as you think to move towards better health.

Keep Everything Simple.

Exercise is an important feature of any healthy life, but has to be approached with caution and respect. It is an excellent tool to help instigate fat burning but it can also be counterproductive in the initial stages of weight loss. Incorrectly applied physical exercise can easily cause physical injury in those unused to it plus it can also result in increased calorific requirement which is counterproductive in the early stage of weight loss. A delicate balance must be achieved. As health and weight loss levels improve, more vigorous exercise routines are be introduced.

A Straight Forward Plan For The Rest Of Your Life.

We will show how you can control your health through simple healthy lifestyle practices. The key here is to make everything as straightforward as possible so you can incorporate it into your life with ease.

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Included in the Program

  • Airport pickups 
  • Food
  • Accommodation 
  • Ongoing personal dietary education and evaluation
  • Physical activities personally tailored to your own abilities and condition 
  • Ongoing targeted weight goals 
  • Genuine caring staff
  • Intense focus on safe effective weight loss
  • Health focused, to lose weight you must FIRST get healthy 
  • Beautiful sight seeing trips

We are soley a results driven weight loss program without any of the smoke screen activities offered by conventional weight loss retreats and our results prove this.

Simple Delicious Healthy Diet Plans

Simple Delicious Healthy Diet Plans
Simple Delicious Healthy Diet Plans
Simple Delicious Healthy Diet Plans

We’ll teach you how to eat in a way that promotes healthy sustainable weight loss. You will learn how to avoid bad carbohydrates and incorporate good carbohydrates. We’ll show you how easy it is to create a fulfilling daily diet which incorporates healthy nutritious food. We will show how to eat the right amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat that is simple, cheap and delicious. 

Our results are there for everyone to see. Men from all over the world have done this with us. You can too.

Weight Loss For Men Thailand’s stunning location in beautiful Chiang Mai provides the optimal space for participants who want to get healthy  in Thailand to be immersed in nature and experience an environment far removed from their usual daily life. It also distances them from triggers and negative influences. Whilst in the program, participants can choose between a number of optional sports training pursuits, and take part in wilderness excursions.

4 Weeks (28 Days)

$3,990 USD

All Inclusive

8 Weeks

$7,980 USD

All Inclusive

12 Weeks

$ 11,970 USD

All Inclusive

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