Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Anyone Can Achieve in 2020

As the new year approaches it’s tempting to say to yourself “Forget the past and look to the future!” but doing that is probably going to result in you just doing and repeating the same old behaviors. We are creatures of habit and these habits control us at a far deeper level than any of us dare to admit. 

So instead of just looking to the future and making up some random resolutions, let’s examine what is the really important driver behind why we do the things we do. And rather than try and change what we think are the “bad” aspects of our lifestyles, let’s look at adding some “good” things. 

Resolutions to Live a Healthier Lifestyle 

Resolutions to Live a Healthier Lifestyle 

Habits are behaviors that are repeated without conscious thought.  To create a new habit, do something you don’t normally do. It doesn’t matter how small or inconsequential it might seem. Here’s an easy one to start with: at least once a day think to yourself “Is this good for me?” before you do something that you normally do without any thought. Get into the “habit” of having this thought. 

This is an easier way of imposing change upon yourself and getting used to it than trying to “stop” an old ingrained habit. The key is that you have to start small. The biggest tree started out as a tiny seed. 

New Year's Resolution to Lose Weight 

New year’s resolution to lose weight

Have you had a bad year with food and weight? Are you seeing yourself in photos and thinking “God I look fat!”. Perhaps you’ve begun to find it difficult to tie your shoes or you’ve had to buy larger and larger clothing. Is it time for another meaningless New Years Resolution? Well, it could be, but let’s take the path of least resistance and see if we can develop just ONE small new and good habit. And once you’ve done that and you’ve become a pro, the 2nd new good habit will be even easier to create than the first. 

Ok so what’s a small thing you can do if you’ve begun to get unhappy about your weight, and you want to start turning things around? 

This is so easy that I GUARANTEE you will be able to do it. I absolutely promise you that if you do ONLY this one small thing and turn it into a habit, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT. 

By the way, this one thing is so easy that even a baby can do it.

New Year Diet Resolutions

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Once a day when you feel a bit peckish and you would normally reach for a bit of junk food, don’t! Instead do this: go to the tap and pour yourself a large glass of water. I’m serious. 

What we think is hunger is often actually thirst and by filling your tummy with water the “hunger” you thought you had will disappear. 

Here’s a test. Weigh yourself and then do what I told you every day for just one week. You will be lighter at the end of the week. And guess what? You’ve just developed a fantastic new healthy habit, and wasn’t that incredibly EASY to do!

Layering on new and good habits is not difficult when they are done properly and this is the cornerstone of the incredible results and amazing success we have at Weight Loss For Men Thailand. It’s weight loss done smarter

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