Weight Loss for Men in Thailand

Men Like Me: A Weight Loss Journey in Thailand

It’s a well-established fact that men and women do behave differently when it comes to things like addressing personal health issues. 

A Weight Loss Journey in Thailand

Men's Health vs Women's Health

Women tend to be more open about the problems they think they may have whereas men internalise things and try and just “suck it up”. 

Men have an inbuilt kind of “I’ll ignore it and it will go away or take care of itself” mechanism to a lot of things that in many ways can serve them well. It’s certainly true that a lot of life’s problems do in fact just go away by themselves, and indeed if we did try and fix every little issue that cropped up in our lives we would never end up achieving anything worthwhile at all. 

But some things really don’t work this way and I’m going to tell you a personal story that I think a lot of guys out there will relate to. 

Got married reasonably young, had kids to a great woman who is still by my side. Threw myself into a career that has been very challenging but also very rewarding. I did everything that was expected of me as a husband, father and provider and it has been fantastic. 

But somewhere along the way, I forgot about myself. I was so busy making sure everyone around me was looked after that I lost sight of the bigger picture. 

What Really Do You Have If You Don’t Have Your Health?

weight loss camp thailand

It was a normal day when I pulled up to the office. I walked well into the foyer of the office block before I noticed both elevators were not working. BOTH of them! I had never taken the stairs in the decade we had occupied the building but today was going to be that day. 

It’s only 5 floors up, what’s the problem?

I was the problem. By the third floor, I was gasping for breath and both my knees were on fire. 

I made it up to my office floor but as I walked/stumbled down the corridors it became obvious pretty quickly that I didn’t look too good as a number of people came to ask me what was wrong and to see if they could help me. I brushed them aside of course but as I finally made my way to my desk it finally dawned on stupid me that maybe I might have an actual problem here. 

I plopped down at my desk and looked at my reflection in the dark screen of my laptop. I looked at myself for quite a while as I slowly began to get my breath back. I didn’t turn my computer on but just sat there. The compression socks my wife has to put on my feet and roll up my calves because I was too big to do this myself seemed tighter than normal. Sweat dripped from my nose down onto my belly and I thought, “I wonder what my penis looks like? I haven’t seen it in ten years.”

Ok, so I’m in my mid-forties. God knows what I weigh(ed) now (then). I haven’t been to the doctors in years because I’d rather not know what sort of condition I was actually in. It’s better NOT to know. I’ve got bills to pay, mouths to feed and money to make. Screw wasting my time getting sidetracked in a bloody doctors office, right?

Thailand weight loss journey

And then it hits you. I potentially could have died from walking up 5 flights of stairs! Holy shit…

I knew what I needed to do. The problem was very obvious. I’d let myself go and if I didn’t get myself back pronto, I might be gone forever. 

I switched the laptop on and jumped in. I needed to lose weight and google was going to show me how. This will be easy…

Two hours later and I was more befuddled than when I started. Do I pay money and get some sort of program sent to me? Do I go on one of these miracle diets? Or should I get a Personal Trainer and a gym membership?

And everywhere I turned I saw pictures of smiling healthy people with really good teeth and defined abs. And women, LOTS of women! It seemed like most of the weight loss industry is built around female weight issues. I started to investigate weight loss fat camps. Some of them were in amazing looking tropical countries. They looked good, but again and again, everywhere seemed like it catered to already healthy people who were looking to just get even just a bit healthier! Either that, or it seemed these places were heavily populated by and marketed towards females. 

Weight Loss for Men in Thailand

And then I came across a site for a place in Thailand and I saw men like me. 

I saw regular looking, overweight, middle-aged guys who looked just like me!

I’m not going to drag you through any more of my story, but I will say that finding that website has changed my entire life FOREVER. 

If my personal situation has resonated with you in any way in terms of my physical condition or age or anything else along those lines, you NEED to take a look at this place NOW. 


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