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Why UK Men Are Traveling To Thailand To Lose Weight

UK Obesity Rate

Weight loss UK

In the UK, it’s estimated that around one in every four adults is obese, with research suggesting that the ratio is likely to increase over time. Obesity is associated with a number of serious and potentially life-threatening conditions including stroke, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and many types of cancer.

Although men are just as likely to be overweight or obese as women, they are less likely to join weight loss programs and have a lower chance of attaining a healthy body weight than the obese woman. Why is this?

Men vs Women Weight Loss

Physiologically and psychologically men and women are different. You’ve heard of a book called Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Can you imagine being an obese man and having to deal with your own lack of confidence, anxiety and depression whilst being outnumbered four to one (sometimes more) in a group of obese women? Nothing against the ladies as I’m sure they feel exactly the same and would rather you weren’t there as well.

To make things worse most programs are designed for women by women as females make up 80% of the weight loss program market share.

Weight Loss for Men Thailand

Having said that, there is a growing trend of UK men fighting to survive by travelling overseas to various locations mainly in Asia and in particular Thailand.

To say they’re walking into the jungle fat and walking out thin isn’t a stretch if you look at some of the before and after photos that are floating around.

But why are they having to travel halfway around the world to lose weight? It’s actually quite simple. A new environment.

Losing Weight in Thailand

Thailand provides not only an environment far away from the destructive ingrained patterns inescapable back at home but also weight loss programs designed specifically for men by men like Weight Loss For Men Thailand www.weightlossformenthai.com are giving men a completely new understanding on how it is possible to alter eating behaviours easily and for the long term.

With a track record spanning decades teaching men how to not only lose weight but more importantly how to keep it off permanently, Weight Loss for Men Thailand has established itself as one of the most creative and influential new weight loss programs in the world.

Their results are unmatched by any other organization anywhere and their ex-clients are deeply devoted and vocal in their belief that their lives have literally been saved because of what they learned and what they did when they were out there;

I have just returned, to London, after spending 2 months at WLFMT. I had been putting on more and more weight and felt helpless as I couldn’t see a way out. I had withdrawn from family and friends, alienating the people I loved, becoming a social recluse. I remember the day my son sent me the link to WLFMT and said ‘Dad this is really for you, no excuses you have to go’. I checked it out and immediately realised it was different, not just another ‘boot camp’. It seemed to offer a long term solution rather than a quick fix and the results appeared too good to be true.

As predicted, I made every excuse under the sun as to why I couldn’t go, which were knocked down one after the other (1) the cost – less than your living expenses at home and about 50% lower than previous boot camps, I’d been on (2) work – nothing that I couldn’t realistically do remotely, with a good internet connection (3) sick father – much better for his health to see me get well than think I might go before him and (4) selfish to ignore my family responsibilities – going was not selfish, not going, and staying the way I was, was the most selfish thing I could do, to those who cared about me.

I agreed to go for a month and about 2 weeks later arrived in Chiang Mai. I remember thinking, I’m travelling halfway around the world, to a place I’ve never heard of, and had no idea what to expect.

I arrived weighing 159 kilos, unable to walk further than 200 metres without backache, pains in my knees and needing a rest. I found it difficult to breathe and was always drenched in sweat, whatever the weather. Simple, everyday activities like putting my socks on, tying my shoes, cutting my toenails, climbing the stairs, getting in and out the bath, wiping my enormous behind had become difficult, if not impossible.

Justin explained how the main focus was food, not excessive exercise, and keeping things simple. The idea was to give us the tools we could take home and use in our everyday life.

I couldn’t believe the results in my first 2 weeks. I had lost about 10 kilos and was already beginning to feel healthier. I was able to start gentle exercise, mainly walking. My family were amazed, not only with the weight loss but as they put it how I was slowly coming back to life. It was at this stage they told me they didn’t want me home, after 4 weeks, and I should do a second month. This time, there was no argument. I realised how fortunate I was to have this opportunity and that I couldn’t afford not to take it.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling but to cut a long story short the past 2 months have been life-changing. I returned home some 30 kilos lighter, blood pressure normal, bloods normal, healthy and ready to take on the world. I have a way to go yet, with the weight, but know I will continue and finish what I started. I have got my life back and my children have got their dad back. The attached photo was taken today on a 5 km walk with my kids!!!

If you are reading this the chances are you are overweight and looking for a change. All I can say is ‘book now’ it was the best decision I ever made and one that gave me my life back. Thanks Justin and Steve…I’ve lost another .8 kg since I got back lol.

I’ve been back for two weeks from my 28 days in Thailand on the weight loss for men program. I was not the biggest guy but was still 20kgs overweight. After a month on this program, I was down 13.5kg and feeling great.

My main motivation for my visit was I was having problems with out of control blood sugar due to my type 2 diabetes. My morning numbers on my meter were averaging 12mmols and making me feel ill. After 5 days with Justin and Steve following their simple program, my blood sugar was at 4.8mmols in the morning which is a none diabetic reading.

I had a great time on the program and the community and support of the other guys were amazing.

If you have similar issues to me I can not recommend this program enough. Just follow the simple and easy program given to you will have success.

With the ongoing NHS campaign against obesity in full force, it is, strangely enough, a small tropical country on the other side of the world that might be doing more for British men’s health than any government campaign could ever do.

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