Weight Loss And Gender Segregation

Are Women’s and Men’s weight loss programs equal and interchangeable?. The majority of the weight loss industry’s focus is turned to women. Surely men can tag along?. Unfortunately no. Sure, men who want to lose weight CAN “tag” along, but ultimately they’ll be wasting their time. Biological, physiological and psychological differences between males and females mean their approach to weight loss needs to be quite different if the goal is effective and permanent weight loss.
Some of this has to do with evolutionary biology. As nurturers of the next generation, the biological imperatives on females were (and still biologically are) more directed to infant care rather than “running around looking for protein”.
Men who want to effectively lose weight get better results when training in the company of other men. And we believe this is the Best Way to Lose Weight Fast for Men.

We aren’t saying DON’T go to Weight Watchers or Optifast, these programs are definitely better than doing nothing, but if you, as a male, are genuinely wanting to lose weight in the most effective way possible, do it in a male environment.
This is indisputably true.  Apart from different emotional responses to food in men and women, the difference in lean muscle mass and the hormones testosterone and estrogen absolutely necessitate different and separate training and diet regimes. If you have any questions regarding male weight loss or health in general feel free to email us anytime at [email protected]

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