Help For Obesity: Causes, Risk & Prevention Program

It is fashionable these days to treat the symptoms of medical and health issues rather than address and attempt to fix or cure the core problem. 

This is evident in things like the treatment of conditions such as Type II Diabetes which is almost universally treated with expensive drugs rather than altering the diet and lifestyle of the sufferer. Remediating the diet reverses the illness, drugs however only treat the symptoms. 

Which method do you think is the most sensible?

What Is Obesity

Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to an extent that it may have a negative effect on health. Read on if need help for obesity!

How Can Sugar Lead to Obesity

Weight loss also falls into this category. A wide range of surgeries is now available to people who want to lose weight, but who don’t want to face the real reasons why they became overweight in the first place. These procedures range from sucking the fat out of the body using a special kind of vacuum cleaner to having part of the stomach removed so it only can accept very small amounts of food: surgically enforced permanent starvation. 

Taking these paths are worthwhile in some cases but in the majority of times they simply end up as band-aid solutions that don’t do anything to improve the situation of the individual on a long term basis. 

Causes of Obesity & Risk Factors

Causes of obesity can include the overconsumption of food and particularly food high in sugar content and food high in carbohydrates. Somewhat surprisingly foods high in fat are not as likely to be the cause of obesity in most individuals due to the difficulties in over-consuming them ie they tend to fill you up more completely.

Being overweight is the result of a wide variety of reasons ranging from things you do have control over, such as poor lifestyle choices to things you perhaps don’t or didn’t have control over such as childhood environment and poor education. Either way a decision to control your future through a psychological and mental adjustment of how you look at food and physical movement is a decision that addresses the core issue of why you are overweight and unhealthy, and if done correctly can give you control over the rest of your life in a deep true and proper way that surgeries can never do. 

The thing that stops many people from taking this far better path is fear that it is just too difficult and they simply have no idea of where to start. 

Obesity Prevention Programs for Adults

The program at Weight Loss For Men Thailand, we specialise in taking men through the process of identifying where they have gone wrong in life and then working out an acceptable new way forward where they learn how to easily control what goes into their bodies. We do this safely and in such a way that virtually all our clients never put even one kilo of weight back on when they return home.  

To lose weight you have to eat more. More natural clean simple food. It’s virtually guaranteed that as an overweight man, you are likely to be severely malnourished at a physiological level. This surprises most people and indeed most aspects of weight loss are far more counterintuitive than anyone can imagine.

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