The History Of Food And How To Lose Weight Through Diet

When you compare humans to all other animals our physicality is not very impressive. We don’t have sharp teeth or claws. We aren’t particularly strong nor can we fly. There is one area (apart from our mental abilities) where humans do reign supreme though. Did you know that a fit human male can, over time, run down ANY animal on earth? This is not a widely known fact but it is 100% true. A fit man can hunt any animal to the point of exhaustion just by relentlessly chasing it down and up until very recently a number of tribes in Africa still utilized this age-old method to get the meat protein they needed.

Of course we have progressed well beyond having to engage in these kinds of activities any longer, but the important point I want to illuminate is this: while we now live in a technologically advanced world of computers, automobiles and space flight, our physical bodies have not changed one bit from the times we were chasing antelopes down on the African savanna.

We Haven’t Changed In 130,000 Years

We evolved in Africa into the best long distance runners in the animal kingdom and during that time our diet comprised of meat, fruits, vegetables, tubers, leafy greens, nuts and berries. It was at this time we evolved into us, you and me, our current state, WE DID NOT EVEN EAT ANY GRAIN BASED FOOD EVEN! Grains such as wheat or rice did not enter our diets until much later in our timeline. To effectively gain nutrition from grains requires farming and harvesting and processing technologies that did not appear until very much later in our human history. In fact, you could say that grains (especially wheat) represent the first kind of processed food. We also did not eat much sugar. Sugar as we know it didn’t even exist until fairly recently and people relied on honey and the existence of sugar present in some foods to meet our sweet tooth needs. So just getting back to the savanna in Africa, we ate meat which included a lot of fat. We ate fruits and veggies and whatever we could dig out of the ground. We ate leafy greens and nuts and berries. What we did NOT eat was anything made from grains, nor did we consume any sugar. It is therefore not surprising that the only foods that our bodies can GENUINELY tolerate are the savanna food I have just described.

How to Lose Weight Through Diet

Weight Loss According To Our Biology

Our bodies literally have NOT EVOLVED to be able to properly handle food derived from grains even though all over the world this is precisely what most humans eat! They eat bread, they eat pasta, the eat rice and so on and so forth. And guess what? Everybody is getting fat! But we ate these foods all through much of human history and we haven’t become fat until recently, I hear you ask. That is correct, the problem we have now is the volume we eat is simply too much for our metabolism to handle. Combine this with extremely low levels of physical movement and it is not hard to see where the problem lies. If the question is how to lose weight through diet, the answer is that the best weight loss program is to return to the diets we were on when we first evolved and began living as modern Homo sapiens. The idea that we currently eat a diet that is biologically appropriate to our physiology is as absurd as thinking you could start feeding seafood to a cow.

At a chemical level eating these carbohydrate-rich foods immediately causes blood sugar levels to spike which in turn leads to weight gain because our bodies are simply not equipped to handle this kind of food. When it comes to keeping lean and healthy, most people are surprised to learn a diet high in fat is actually more likely to keep you thin than a carbohydrate-rich diet. The indigenous people who live up around the North Pole that we used to call Eskimos traditionally had a diet that consisted mainly of seal fat, and yet they themselves were NOT OVERWEIGHT! They didn’t become so until western food companies started dumping all the rubbish we call “food” onto them!

How To Lose Weight Properly

What is the most effective way to lose weight? Given our own bodies biological and evolutionary history, the answer to the question of how to lose weight effectively is simple: eat meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries. DO NOT eat bread, or pasta or rice or any processed foods and stay away from sugar. You should probably stay away from dairy products as well. It was only a genetic mutation in Europe a few thousand years ago that caused some people to lose their lactose intolerance. Stay safe, don’t do dairy. The bottom line is that if you are serious about wanting to find out how to lose weight properly, you need to look at your diet first. Get your diet under control and then look at the physical movement. Our health is really the only thing we truly “own”. Without it, we don’t have a life. It could be said that it is the single most important thing in our lives. If you are having trouble losing weight it is probably because you aren’t committing fully to it. The distractions of modern life are hard to escape from. That is why it is often very worthwhile seeking out professional assistance. There are many weight loss programs and weight loss retreats out there that can offer a genuinely life-changing help. Think about finding one that takes you out of your normal environment as getting away from regular surroundings can often lead to a clearer focus. 

Weight Loss Meal Plan

Weight loss meal plans or healthy diet plans are easy to find on the Internet. The top searches in google rankings are weight loss meal plan, healthy diet plan, best diet to lose weight and diet to follow to lose weight. Put any of those searches in and a wealth of information will come up.

Do you want to lose weight fast? That’s not necessarily a bad thing. A better thing though is deciding that you want to change for the long haul. Here are 5 tips to help you build long term success through a healthy diet and proper nourishment plan.

1. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you are not going to go to a weight loss retreat but choose to go it alone, go slow. Change one thing a week and stick to it. Breakfast is surrounded by this myth of being the most important meal of the day. This is absolutely false. All breakfast does is spike your insulin levels so that within a few hours you crash and feel ravenous by lunchtime. Honestly, ONE cup of coffee WILL get you through to lunch and guess what, you won’t even be that hungry, I promise you. You will actually have a clearer mind all morning as well. It will be a bit of a shock to your system but if you drop breakfast, you will have taken a giant step in the right direction.

2. A properly nourished body does not want to overeat. If you are genuinely eating to a healthy nourishment plan and your body is getting the right amount of proteins fats and carbohydrates, it actually takes an act of will to overeat.

3. Steer clear of ALL processed foods. But that’s difficult to do! I need the convenience of takeaway food! I love eating crisps! Look, you are either serious or you are not. This is actually life and death stuff. Virtually all processed food is just a combination of sugar, salt and oil and is engineered to keep you hungry and eating NON STOP. This is why everyone is fat ok?

4. Get serious. Don’t go on a diet. Diets are stupid temporary things that are a WASTE OF TIME. You need to change to a realistic healthy nourishment plan that is going to stay with you for life. Start slowly if you like, but do it.

5. Be prepared to lose some friends along the way. Some people in your life won’t be happy seeing you succeed in changing your life and they WILL try and hold you back. This will happen. I won’t give you any specific advice on this other than to say how you handle this will indicate whether you will triumph or fail.

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