Thailand Weight Loss Boot Camp | Pros, Cons & Tips to Pick One

Are you thinking about joining a weight loss program in Thailand and not sure which boot camp suits you? Here are some pros and cons and tips to help you pick the right one!

Introduction to Weight Loss Boot Camps

Fitness Boot Camps are increasingly popular these days as more and more people look for alternatives to traditional methods of losing weight. So let’s take a brief look and find out what Boot Camps are and what they offer. A Weight Loss Camp or Boot Camp, as the name suggests is health and fitness retreat run along military lines. They normally involve a group of people training together through a series of different drills or routines led by a trainer. The idea is that because it is a group setting, peer pressure will force or coerce less able individuals to exceed the limits of how far they would normally push themselves.

Weight Loss Boot Camp Pros and Cons

Different Boot Camps do different things. Some are focused on fitness and strength training whilst others focus more on weight loss or general health. The one thing they all share though is that they operate in a group setting and they all follow an established set of routines which are then repeated daily or weekly until the individual has reached their health goal(s). As a business model, Boot Camps are structured mainly for people who want a quick fix. Sure, some people go to increase their overall health and fitness but the bulk of the customers are people who want to lose 10 kilos before the summer beach season. And for people who want this, Boot Camps are definitely a great resource.

But for people who are serious about NEEDING to lose weight, the Boot Camp model might not be appropriate. Why?

First of all, Boot Camps operate with groups, not individuals and while consultation with the group leader is available, Boot Camps never structure their programs around an individual, the emphasis always being on the group. This can lead to the potential for physical injury for less physically able members of the group as they try and keep up with the rest of the group. Don’t get us wrong, Boot Camps are great by and large, but if you don’t fit the mould, there can be negative consequences.

The other downside for certain clients is that the Boot Camp follows programs that are static, that is the fitness programs they utilize do not change. Why is this a problem? Basically, as you proceed through any kind of fitness regime your body undergoes change.

Your weight goes down, your metabolic rate will change and even your hormone levels are affected. Wouldn’t it be better if the fitness program you were on reflected these changes in you? Wouldn’t it make sense to alter the program to take into account your increased abilities and different nutrient requirements? Of course, it would but for a Boot Camp to do this would be costly and disruptive and it may not make business sense to do so.

This is why for men who are serious about NEEDING to lose weight (as opposed to guys who just want to trim up a bit) it is ESSENTIAL you do a good due diligence on the weight loss program you choose to go on. Look for programs that advertise the fact that their programs change and evolve along with their clients own health evolution.

Tips to Pick the Best Weight Loss Boot Camp in Thailand

In recent years, Thailand has risen to prominence as a health and wellness destination and it’s not hard to see why. Its natural beauty is unsurpassed, its people are very hospitable, the weather is fantastic and it is located in an easily accessible part of the world.

In particular, weight loss treatments have emerged as the fastest growing segment of this ever-expanding health tourism movement.

There is now a range of operators providing weight loss programs and retreats all across Thailand from the sultry mountain country in the north to the stunning beach locations in the south. So if you are thinking of packing your bags and heading off to lose weight in Thailand, what should you do and where should you go?

We are not out to promote any one program or retreat, we’ll let other people do that. Fitness boot camp reviews are common on TripAdvisor. Rather, here is a set of questions you should ask yourself before you start looking. Answer each one honestly and you’ll find that choosing the right program for you will be A LOT easier. Yo

1. What are you looking for? Are you seriously overweight to the point your weight problem is negatively impacting your health or do you just want to lose a few kilos or pounds to look good for summer? Are you looking specifically for a weight loss program/retreat or a fitness boot camp?

2. Do you genuinely have issues with food, or have you just become a bit lazy with your diet and exercise

3. Do you want to lose weight in a group environment or are you looking for a more personalized experience?

4. Are you wanting an education in diet and exercise, or are you just looking for a physical experience that is going to burn some weight?

5. Do you want a gender-segregated program or would you prefer the guys and girls to be mixed together? This is an important question to ask because male and female weight loss are two quite different things and keeping them separate can produce much better results.

Follow this basic checklist and you’ll find a program or retreat that is most appropriate for you. Try not to get too sidetracked by photographs of beautiful beaches but rather really dig into what the various websites say about food, exercise, diet education, and try to get a feel for a program that is going to fit with your current level of physical abilities. If you are a 180-kilo guy who needs to lose 50 kilos, going to a hardcore MuayThai kickboxing gym is probably not going to be right for you. It’s common sense mainly, but if you use the tools listed above, you’ll at least be going in with eyes wide open.

One last thing, check prices CLOSELY. A lot of programs have a ton of hidden costs. For example, it is quite common to see accommodation and food as charges on top of the fees for the program itself, so just remain aware.

So best of luck on your weight loss voyage. You’ve already taken the first step in the right direction to find the best weight loss camp in Thailand for you!

This is a topic never really discussed much within the industry but one we take very seriously. So, if you have any queries on this matter or any questions in general, drop us a line at [email protected] ANY time. We would love to hear from you.

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