How to Design a Personalized Weight Loss Plan That Works

Are you looking for a personalized weight loss plan that works? We’ve come up with a guide to design a personalized workout and meal plan to help you lose weight.

Personalized Weight Loss Plan

You’ve made the decision to get healthy and lose weight. Well done you’ve taken the first step, but what’s the 2nd step? Do you hire a personal trainer for weight loss? Do you start researching for a personalized meal plan? Do you rush out and join a gym?

Personalized Meal Plan for Weight Loss

If you are serious about weight loss, most experts suggest you create a custom diet plan. That’s right, don’t start with the gym, start in the kitchen. A proper personalized weight loss plan starts with your diet and not with a personal weight loss coach.

Most of us eat a lot more than we realize so the first thing you need to do is keep a record of EVERYTHING you eat. Do this for a week to get an accurate overview of your diet and then start by cutting out all foods (and drinks) that contain sugar. This is much easier to do than most people realize. Once you have eliminated sugar (keep eating whole fruits though) move on to processed foods including bread and pasta.

By this stage of your custom weight loss plan, you should be down to eating meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and berries and nuts. (Try And Keep away from consuming too much milk, if any)

Guess what, you are now on a custom meal plan for weight loss that is superior to the diet of 95% of people living in Western societies. And if you are truly sticking to it, you are going to be losing weight.

Personalized Workout Plan to Lose Weight

Now is when you can start thinking about a customised work out plan to lose weight. Again, don’t just blindly sign up at a gym. It is very important to be doing things you enjoy. But what if you don’t know what you enjoy? Simple, start walking. Walking is basically the best exercise in the world for human beings. We are perfectly designed from an evolutionary perspective to WALK AND WALK AND WALK.

It’s really that simple. Eat clean, whole, natural, good food and start walking. If you do this, I guarantee you will lose weight. There you have it, a custom weight loss plan that will in time see you lose weight without dragging yourself to a boring expensive gym.

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