Healthy Weight Loss Facts, Tips and Programs that Work

Weight Loss Facts

The science behind weight loss is at a certain level very easy to understand.

When you eat or drink anything (with the exception of pure water) what you are doing is putting energy into your body.

Conversely, when you walk or run or breathe (or even sleep!) you are burning energy.

If your body burns more energy than it takes in, it will lose weight. If it burns LESS energy than it takes in, it will gain weight. In a nutshell, this is how to lose weight.

So, in order to lose weight all you have to do is burn MORE calories than you take in. These are weight loss facts.

This is a simple concept that everyone can comprehend yet so many people have great difficulties controlling their weight.

We live in a world of historically unnatural abundance. Our forefathers had to fight for every morsel of food and starvation was a constant real threat, so our bodies evolved to hang on to as much fat as possible in case there was no food tomorrow. Now our incredible agricultural output combined with modern logistics and communication technology means we don’t even need to get off the couch in order to be eating a five-course banquet! Is it any wonder we are all so fat?!

How to Lose Weight Easily

What can be done and is there any hope?

The concepts behind weight loss are simple, as we know, less in, more out = weight loss, so why is it so difficult for so many to achieve?

The modern world is physically and psychologically toxic and many forces are at work to keep it that way. Drug companies would disappear if everyone was healthy. They are in the business of fostering addiction as much as treating disease. Food companies are also in the business of addiction. Most modern processed food is a combination of sugar, salt and fat mixed in such a way as to be incredibly addictive. It is thought that sugar is more addictive than heroin. Stir all this up with tech companies who want you to stare into a small screen for 10 hours a day and you have a recipe for physical, mental and physiological disaster.

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

What can I do if I want to break free and try and get healthy? Is it as easy as typing healthy weight loss tips into google?

It isn’t as technically hard as you might think, but first, you have to be serious about it and you must understand that there will be sacrifices along the way. Ask yourself, do you REALLY want to change? If you do, you need to accept that you may need to change your surroundings (even if it is only temporarily). It is very difficult to make a significant change to yourself if you remain in your regular environment. Leaving your home (for a while) means you might have to leave your job or family too. Don’t look at this negatively, it’s an investment that will pay very good dividends.

So, you’ve decided to step outside your comfort zone and into a different physical environment. Where do you go and what kind of place are you looking for? Do you go it alone or should you seek some kind of professional guidance?

Honestly, unless you are some sort of health pro yourself (and it’s unlikely you’d be in this situation if you were) you are best off looking for some kind of specialised health and weight loss facility or program or weight loss camp that you can go and stay in. But here’s where things can get tricky…

If you type “weight loss retreats/programs” or even weight loss holidays into google what you’ll find coming up is that most of them just look like fancy 5-star hotels in exotic beach locations. And guess what? That’s exactly what they are! Now, there is nothing really wrong with these places but generally speaking, if you have a serious weight and health issue that you genuinely want to fix, going to these sorts of places is a complete waste of time and money. They are super expensive, they funnel hundreds of people through their doors and really all they are doing is offering a kind of guilt-free luxury experience.

How to Choose the Best Weight Loss Program

What you need to do is dig a bit deeper and look for weight loss programs or a weight loss retreat that has the following characteristics:

a) Devoted and dedicated to weight loss. Steer clear of the luxury resorts. Steer clear of the kickboxing camps. Steer clear of places that offer incredible food options. There’s nothing wrong with these places but if you have weight loss as your primary goal, these places are simply not the best suited for you.

b) Keep a limit to how many guests/clients they have at any one time. You want low numbers. You want the highest degree of personalisation as possible. Nothing is more useless than being at some giant camp with 50 other people all of varying abilities and sizes and one trainer trying to push everyone through a one size fits all cookie cutter program.

c) A program that focuses on diet and lifestyle and psychological readjustment. You don’t just need to lose weight, you need to keep it off as well and this doesn’t happen unless you are given some heavy duty psychological tools. Education is important!

d) Programs that maintain gender segregation. Male and female weight loss are two very different things. If you see places that lump everyone together, this is a red flag. This place is NOT a serious weight loss facility. They are a provider of holidays with a dash of health-related “activities” thrown in. This IS NOT what you are looking for!

e) Is everything included in one price? Be careful here. A lot of places have hidden costs that can really blow out your budget. Read their website thoroughly and ask questions before committing.

f) Beware of anyone promising things like how to lose weight easily. Weight loss might be a simple thing, but it is never “easy”. It’s typically a tough road understanding how to lose weight and keep it off.

So these are the basic things you need to look for when you are serious about going somewhere to address your weight and health issues. And let’s face it, if you are overweight then this is the most important thing in your life right now. There are lots of fat people walking around and there are lots of old people too. But there are almost NO FAT OLD PEOPLE is there?

Once you commit to this, under the right guidance, you’ll discover that it is not nearly as difficult as you thought it was going to be. People can change when they are put in the right environment and given the proper tools.

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