What Do Skin Tags Indicate?

Skin tags can appear anywhere but are normally found on parts of the body where skin rubs against other skin or clothing. 

They are not cancerous or dangerous and can be removed with a simple surgical procedure. 

It is thought there is a genetic component behind whether you will develop them but there are also things you can do to lower the chances of suffering from this unsightly condition. 

Have you ever noticed how you mainly see skin tags on overweight or obese people? This is no coincidence. Many overweight people also suffer from diabetes and numerous studies have shown that people with skin tags also have high levels of insulin resistance. 

Skin tags: a cutaneous marker for diabetes mellitus

Association between skin tags and insulin resistance

If you consider yourself otherwise healthy but you suddenly notice that you are growing skin tags, this could indicate there is trouble ahead for you. 

What is happening is that every time you eat carbohydrates (bread, pasta, most processed foods) you are triggering an insulin response. The more carbs and sugar you eat, the more glucose gets released into your blood and therefore more insulin as well. 

The 1987 study (linked above) concluded skin tags were directly associated with impaired carbohydrate metabolism. So carbohydrates really are your enemy here and skin tags can be the first manifestation of the dangers of the modern western diet. 

You need to examine what you are eating and move away from processed junk foods to proper clean healthy natural food. 

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