Why Am I Gaining Weight?


Should I start going on long runs? Marathon runners are all thin, right? NO! Taking up running is THE LAST THING you want to do as a middle aged overweight man. Long boring cardio sessions are a waste of time plus you are putting serious pressure onto hip and knee joints that are not used to it. Are You Looking For The Causes of Sudden Weight Gain? The answer isn’t really that difficult. The core of the problem is your slowing metabolism and hormone levels (numbers 1 and 2 in the list above), and the way to re-align them is to focus on point 3). Work on slowing and even reversing your muscle mass reduction. I’m not saying you need to hit the weights rack at the gym, what I’m saying is that you need to get out there and focus on using your body. Body weight exercises are known to be the best and safest way of reducing and even reversing muscle mass loss. If you don’t know anything about exercising using your own body weight, check out some of the video’s on Weight Loss For Men Thailand’s website at weightlossformenthai.com.

This is all very well and good, but you need to keep it up and do it on a regular basis. Doing it once or twice and then giving up isn’t going to help anyone. How can I really ingrain this into my life so that it becomes A PART OF MY EVERYDAY LIFE?. What if there was a way you could LIVE this for a month, or two months or longer?

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