Lose Weight And Keep It Off: Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

The first thing to understand about weight loss and then keeping the weight you have lost off is that these are VERY SEPARATE THINGS. Whether it is friends or family, or even the contestants on that TV show The Biggest Loser, we have all seen people lose weight only to have it all pile back on again, often to the point where these poor people are even bigger than they were before.

Why does this happen, and why is it so common?


1. Exercise and Diet Misconceptions

The first and most common mistake people make when they decide to lose weight is they start to exercise like crazy. They buy gym membership’s, they start running, the list goes on. But what happens when you significantly increase your exercise amount? You increase your appetite.

The easiest way to explain everything is that losing weight is primarily achieved through modifying your nutritional intake ie: eating less and eating healthy food rather than junk food. So in the early stages, don’t go crazy with the exercise. It’s as simple as that.

Ok, you are losing weight or are near your goal weight.

Maintaining a healthy weight loss is NOT a function of diet. And this is where the 2nd most common mistake is made.

2. Post Weight Loss Exercise Plan

Maintaining a new weight after dropping those kilos is most effectively achieved through exercise. Yes, now is the time you need to start moving that body! You should still follow a healthy nutritional plan, but you need to move your body in a way that is appropriate and sustainable. Most people who embark on a weight loss program who have been overweight don’t know what the best exercise is. Believe it or not, if you want to keep those kilos off, all you have to do is WALK! It’s the exercise that human beings are PERFECTLY designed for. It’s easy, it’s fun and you are at VERY low risk of injury.

3. Keeping Motivated to Maintaining a Healthy Weight

The final thing to think about and the 3rd common mistake on our list is that when you are in the process of modifying your nutritional program and know what to eat to maintain weight after losing weight, you are in a kind of “battle mode”. By this, I mean that you are focused on a goal and taking steps to actively achieve it. When people reach their goal they often take their foot off the pedal and get lazy. Guess what happens next? You need to stay in battle mode and learn how to maintain weight loss.

The reality is that if you are overweight and you want to get back to a healthier lighter version of yourself, this is a battle you are going to have to consciously fight probably for the rest of your life. The good news is though it’s not really that difficult of a fight. It takes only a moderate amount of discipline and self-control if you are shown the correct methods. 

Any good weight loss program should incorporate all these separate facets in such a way that losing and maintaining weight is easy and straightforward and they should be able to provide you with the physical and psychological tools to make the journey a lot more enjoyable than you might imagine. 

Watch out for these three common missteps and you are on your way to achieving the potential that we are ALL born with.

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